Hiroshima Modest Wishes Kagee Exhibition2011 "Memories of a Certain Girl"@

"Memories of a Certain Girl"@
I have heard from Ms. Mitsuko Kubo, injured by the radiation, many times since we met. She likes songs, and she is happy and merry. The theme of the Kagee 2011 is based on her memories.
Hiroshima Kagee Exhibition was presented in 2005 as one time presence. It has continued up to 7 times this year thanks to the support from citizens in Hiroshima. The participants including children increased year by year and skills of production have significantly improved. Such Kagee Exhibition is going to be the last one this year.
I hope Hiroshima Modest Wishes Kagee Exhibition will be remembered somewhat somewhere in hearts of Hiroshima citizens

Yuko Hamasaki as Kagee producer
August 2011.

Mrs. Mitsuko Kubo
Born in 1928( Showa 3)
Living in Danbara, she got caught by A-bomb when she was 16 years old and waiting for a street-carat at Matoba-machi. She got seriously damaged. So did Shinichi. Her brother was 4 years younger and stayed in another location. He suffered lots until he died at age 72. For Kagee production, I interviewed her and learned a lot from her book. Eg: gwatashi no ashinaga ojisanh (2006 by Mimogi Shobo)

"The Candy Store" (Hiroshima Jogakuin High School)
There was a fancy store in Danbara Street pre-war. All the goods and sweet aroma interested all the visiting kids.
"On the Way Home"(work by citizenj
Our working mother waited for us at the station. Three of us with younger brother
returned home in the evening.

"Katsudo Shashin / Silent Movies" (by individual)
Father was a speaker of the silent movies. I secretly had an opportunity to see the movies g Edo no Taikah ( Big Fire in Edo). Fatherfs narrative and music sounds were really great.

"Roishi-asobi" (Hiroshima Jogakuin High School)
Complex alleyways are always an attractive play ground to kids. They were so enthusiastic in playing Roishi asobi (Drawing picture on black soil with wax stone)
"The Rental Library" (Hiroshima Johoku High School)
I never forget when the Rental Library opened in Danbara. I rented and read numerous number of heavy books.
"The Cosmetic Store"(work by citizenj
There were the pretty sisters and a brother at the cosmetic store in Danbara Street.
"Kids sliding a slope" (Hiroshima Johoku Junior High School and High School)
Kids enjoyed a slope in Hijiyama. They put bamboo grasses on the slope. I was naughty enough to join boys and enjoy playing together.
"Stalls"(Work by Tokyo Team)
Her father took her to Yomise (street stalls on the traditional days).The model of human body there interested her very much.
"Goldfish"(work by citizenj
The net by a goldfish grower was seen near our house. In summer many fries of
carp and goldfish moved around shined in shallow square vessel made of cement.
"The vgetable store"(Hiroshima Johoku High School)
A class mate happened to be the son of the vegetable store in Danbara street. When we shopped there at the store, we seldom talked.
"Church PR"
Every Sunday there was a sort of activity by the Nazaren Church at Hijiyamayori Hiroba(Square). They taught kids how to song a hymn with dram and accordion in a tent.
"Sento / a Public Bath"(Hiroshima Johoku High School)
It was my duty to take my younger brother to Sento. Washing his shoulders impressed other women in the public bath.
"Red Shoes"
Lying down in the room, she coped with hunger with singing a song.

"The Night Sky"(work by citizenj
Being seriously injured by A-bomb, I was carried through a path between rice fields on a carriage to the country. I was exposed to beautiful stars through rice fields tunnel.
"Popsicles"iNagisa Junior High School and High Schoolj
One day in summer, all the money given by grandfather used for popsicles without receiving changes. Grandfather was silent and all the popsicles were given to a neighbor.
"Twilight Alley"iNagisa Junior High School and High Schoolj
My younger brother used to bring the desk into the small alley to do home work during summer holidays. I also occasionally did study and read books there.
"Singing a song"(Work by citizens)
Many girls liked songs. Possibly lots of such girls in Hiroshima in old times.
"What I like" (work by citizenj
What did women in old times like? The same as women today?

"memories about lovely mother"iFraser Kindergartenj
through whirling flowers with mother is, just a happiness.
" life/peace"iGains Kindergartenj
" you know, you couldn't see sun and stars all due to the sadden darkness when the atomic bomb exploded. " well, then it is peaceful that we can see sun and stars.h
g lively animals at peace are good.h g plenty of flowers are symbol for peace as many people encouraged with seeing plants and flowers after being exposed to the explosion.h Each memory contributes to building the objects with the tiny hands.
"dear memories of a certain girl" ( Yoko Kindergarten j
hope that the peace does continue ever.h This was built by the children with wishes for the A-bombed girls.
"we will become the persons who keep peace."iFraser Kindergartenj
The kids say "we like the world where lives made by Gods are full with joy." "They get lively and say"we will become the persons who keep peace" "What could please the A-bombed casualty ?"This was the idea with which they have produced this