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Varieties of kagee ( shadow pictures ) 5
1. "Chindonya"
(street advertiser) March
2.Passionate Tango
3.Samba in Kitchen
4.Floral Waltz
5.Room full of Bossa Noba
6.Swing with Jazz
7.Relaxing Reggae
8.Cool Hawaiian
9.Gamelan Night
10..Let's go with March
11.Performing Enka
traditional pops)
12.Christmas Gathering

13."Be quiet!"
3 brothers

14."Snow crystals" over the cap
15"ocean swimming"
in the bath
16.."Ah, soap bubbles"
from the roof
18."I will come again."
19."a piano lesson"
during summer holidays
20."see ocean
in a few minutes"
21."wow, what
could we fish ?"
22.."Hi, here we are."
23."no one
seen today."
24."Merry Christmas"
in the shopping center