Kagee ( shadow pictures ) workshop
I am not experienced enough to give a lesson in workshop. I had a few occasions where the elderly and small kids alike together with those who are not good at drawing participated and enjoyed. I am so pleased to see those people in workshop. Some examples shown here are all so wonderful.

You see more detail by clicking the pictures

Kagee Workshop at Nagoya/boston museum of fine arts

Kagee Workshop at Itabashisazanami kindergarten

March 2009
Hiroshima Workshop at WE Plaza Big Hall

December 2008
Kagee Workshop at Hiroshima WE Plaza

Kagee Workshop at Setagaya

Kagee Workshop at Yokoen / Hiroshima Geenz Kindergarten

Kagee Workshop at Saburo Miyamoto Museum/ Setagaya Museum

Kagee Experimental at Hiroshima female Educational Center(WE Plaza)

Kagee Experimental at Setagaya monodukuri
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