kagee=shadow picture
parrot :Junko Hemmi/music
Rabbit : Rose Heineman/Story Telle
Giraffa : Yuko Hamasaki/kagee



" Carrot Soup "

Rowing unknowingly on a carrot soup lake
My love and I were blind as can be
Lost in each other's trance-like gaze
Her face was charmed, his features fair
Nothing else to do but sit and stare.
Meanwhile, the water was a delicious brew
The greenery, garnish in the stew !
The setting sun bringing on the night
Was a candle glowing bright.
The table was set for two
We knew not what to do.
Together in another time and place
We drifted onward in a surreal space
Made of carrots, parsley, and table cloth lace.

★Carrot Soup