kagee=shadow picture
parrot :Junko Hemmi/music
Rabbit : Rose Heineman/Story Telle
Giraffa : Yuko Hamasaki/kagee



" Shoes on Parade "

On a purple plum colored night
A mystery man marched under street light
With legs long like a spider and a hat quite tall
A character with a peculier power has come to call.
All shoes will follow me
This you shall see
Tennis shoes, high heels, and boots more and more
All shoes walking out of your front door
Over the bridge and across the street
Shoes all alone, without their feet !
The pied piper of shoes will leave your toes bare
He takes sandals, clogs, and all that he cares.
So lock your doors and listen for the sound
Of the Shoe Man, because he's coming around.

★Shoes on Parade